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Anca Boeriu – Personal Mood Board, a Space About Time and Reconnection

Anca Boeriu is an artist and a university lector at UNARTE Bucharest and also the president of the Graphic Field Office in Bucharest since 2016. She earned various distinctions in the art sector and is a renowned name due to the vast activity and the dedication shown towards the visual field, both as a creator and as a teacher/interpreter/curator.
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Anca Boeriu’s most recent exhibition brings to surface a collection of artworks with a profound and serene subject. “Personal Mood Board” includes ceramic pieces, engravings and metal bars – the entire compound striking the visual field through the powerful contrast between the reds and the white. The sensoriality can be felt by the viewers through the quality of the artworks, most of the materials being carefully designed to encompass not only the figurative design but also a special, unique and ubiquos materiality that speaks about the importance of the entire process of creation – speaking about shaping, not only shape.

What are You Doing in My Space?

The energy felt throughout the exhibition is a very personal one, the artist letting us in a very intimate space of hers. Moreover, it is an invitation for exploring these themes through our own experiences and perspectives, the overall energy being one that communicates through silence. This silence becomes louder and louder as we dwell into the artworks both in their details and as a whole. In the left we can see a powerful expression of “relation” (not necessarily with another, but also with ourselves) and the way in which our need of control, of “puppet-ing” anything or anybody, can actually separate us from the so-called Other.

This structure of the exhibition is not fixed, according to the artist saying, an invitation for a continuous displacement suggested by visitors being made to them in an interview. However, the current state of the gallery as it was decided by Boeriu among with Galateca Gallery personnel is highly suggestive and creates a complete itinerary where we can take part of an almost immersive itinerary. One particular element that got my attention were the red bars disposed in several places of the gallery, one of them being stuck directly into the panel where other pieces are displayed.

These bars are like a solidified red threat that can direct but also divert our attention from the depths of our experience, bringing us back to surface and then reminding us of the complexity, fullness and fragility of life.

Compose, Decompose, Recompose

Nonetheless, the overall exhibition is, as the author named it, a Personal Mood Board, a space in which she decided to represent in various ways an inventory of items that are highly representative for her. The open door left for those of us who enter Galateca’s doors is an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with all of those moments that continuously compose, decompose and then recompose our own being and our own experience as beings in the world.

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