About me

I am an art passionate from Romania, currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. To this day, my belief is that art is the way to be more kind, more understanding, and more considerate towards both our inner world and the outside reality. My interest is to write about artists and artworks I come across that I find interesting and inspiring.

I have studied Romanian and English language and literature at Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania, and my bachelor’s thesis was in regards to Stilemas in the written art of Picasso and Michelangelo. Following up, I moved to Bucharest where I studied for 2 years at the Center for Excellence in the Study of Image, at the University of Bucharest. My master’s thesis was related to visual cultural studies, the title being Recoveries of the tangible in the ocularocen. Now I have started writing my Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, following the theme of immersivity and the way in which immersivity represents a condition for learning and the implications of this fact in various artistic (and not only) domains.

Come meet me as an author, as a friend – come meet me as a passionate of art, just like you!